Construction Services

We execute high quality works. We combine efficiency and effectiveness, offering a complex service ranging from the design to the work’s execution.

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Industrial Installations

We provide “key in hand” services for the execution of any type of industrial installations.

We work from the concept until the materialization of the installations with high demands of quality, security and suitability.

We design and build installations under the optic of efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency in costs and effectiveness in the matter of industrial security and adequacy to the client’s needs.


The work division makes all types of renovations and projects.

We work above all in the residential sector – private or community, commercial and hotels.

Our work is supervised by very experienced and qualified professionals.

  • Residential – community. We do all type of conservation and repairing of building, like painting, water-proof, interior renovation, plumbing, sanitation, electricity, carpentry, etc.
  • Residential – private. We offer services of conservation and home improvement. We work from the concept and design of the renovation with our team of architectures, interior designers and engineers, until de overall execution of the project.
  • Commercial. We offer overall renovation and installation of companies; we provide an integrated service from the design and the initial projects, going through the work and finishing with the legal aspects of it.
  • Hotels. The company has experience in partially or fully renovating hotel installations, both for its optimization, as for the modernization and adapting it to the norms and regulations.


Industrial Automation

We design, implement and program any type of industrial automatic system.

We adapt to the different programming protocols and we are able to integrate different systems, and design complex systems integrating different solution of the market.

Measuring and Control Systems

Design, integrate and install control and measuring systems for installations.

Our systems are especially recommended to be used as the basis for developing investment plans and installation improvements, and for an efficient and effective control of it.