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CMN Ingeniería is a company that offers advance technical services of engineering, consulting and construction.

The Services provided by our company are based on a multidisciplinary approach, with the participation of the best professionals in each area.

We offer personalized attention, a spirit of excellence and love for a work well done, and a mentality oriented towards the service, keen on solving your needs with the necessary professional independence that guarantees the success of our services.

With our culture of team work we are constantly searching for excellence, quality, innovation, and respect for the environment and the people that work in all the company’s departments.

We think and then we create

Advance technical engineering, consulting and construction

We think, because all the personal and professional experience of the members of this family is focused on being in a continue search for the best and most adequate solutions to the needs of our clients and this way reaching a better professional development.

We create, because the work of engineering, consulting and construction are basically a creative activity that searches to satisfy through the discoveries, art and knowledge of a higher level, the necessities of our clients, from the initial consulting passing to the detailed engineering and finishing with the construction and systems’ installation.

The group CMN Ingeniería was founded in 2004 by its current President, José Julio Brossa. Initially it started as a company of professional services of industrial engineering. The first years (2004-2008) where marked by high growth, both in the quantity and the complexity of the projects received from clients.

During 2009 – 2011 the company expended its range of services from industrial engineering to other areas where it had experts, like civil engineering, geographic information systems and energy consulting. Meanwhile it consolidated its leadership in the Canary Island’s Industrial Sector.

The years 2011 – 2014 have been years of international launch of the company with the creation of a new branch – CMN Ingeniería Ecuador Cia Ltda and also Twig Project SL, integrating in the ownership of the group the Engineer John Herbidson Palacios, the current Director of the two new companies.

The growth of the group has involved a change in the strategic focus of the company, going to work with the paradigm of Engineering for Development, which pretends to solve in an integrated manner the necessities of our clients, taking them to superior levels of development. With this model the group transformed from a company of Professional Services to a company of Integrated Services, integrating the area of construction in its portfolio and starting to offer its clients solutions “key in hand”, basing it on the extensive experience of the company’s technical personnel in projects of great complexity.

A special mention is Twig Project SL (www.twigproject.com), a company of Management of Humanitarian Aid Projects that helps NGOs in solving the basic unsatisfied necessities of the most disadvantaged communities of the world.

TO BE a company of engineering, consulting and construction that approaches all the clients ‘projects from a multidisciplinary perspective.

OFFERS its clients personalized attention, a spirit of excellence and love for a work well done, and a mentality oriented towards the service, keen on solving their needs with the necessary professional independence that guarantees the success of our services.

TO CREATE a culture of team work that is constantly searching for excellence, quality, innovation, and respect for the environment and the people that work in all the company’s departments.

STIMULATE the personal and professional development of the ones that are the integrate part of the company, being fundamental the recruitment and retaining of talent in the company.

PROVIDE, the principles and the support to the human capital, as it wants to revolutionize engineering, consulting and construction in order to create new and innovative methods of excellence, quality, efficiency, and satisfaction of its clients, as to become local, regional, national, and international leaders in the sector.

Counting on our human talent, technological capacity and acquired experience, we are working towards becoming sector leaders in engineering, consulting and construction; working as a team day by day to achieve our goals, offering our clients solutions that integrate excellence, quality, efficiency, agility, and professionalism…everything with the overall purpose of giving value to our organization and to generate development and well-being in general. We think and create new ways of design with innovative methods that contribute significantly to Engineering, Consulting and Construction.

Service. The main objective of CMN Ingeniería is to satisfy the needs of our clients, and to this end all our partners have to be committed to the spirit of serving the client.

Excellence and Quality. In CMN Ingeniería we firmly believe that there is only one way of doing things and that is in an excellent and correct manner, relying on indicators of quality and well recognized working procedures.

Integrity. The confidence in service companies is the key of success, and to this end CMN Ingeniería has as one of its main values the highest requirements in integrity, honesty, and personal and professional ethics for all its partners, starting with the shareholders and the management of the company.

Independence. CMN Ingeniería sustains its professional work in the necessary professional independence that guarantees the quality of the projects, complying with the legislation and respecting the needs of our customers.

Respect for the environment and the human being. Both in the company’s actions as in the projects developed by the company, we ensure the maximum respect for the fundamental values of the human life and the environment.

CLASSIFIED MEDIA NETWORK SL (CMN INGENIERÍA), aware of the importance that quality and the respect of the environment have in the present and future of the organization, aims to always provide as main advantage the responsibility and the quality of its service of ENGINEERING, CONSULTING AND CONSTRUCTION.

The administrator of CMN Ingeniería, in his effort to provide his clients services of engineering, consulting and construction that respond in an efficient way to their needs and expectations, as the same time protecting the environment, bases his Management Policy on the following principles:

  • Provide the necessary means, resources and organizational system that guarantee the proper functioning of the system.
  • Ensure that the requirements of our clients are evaluated and fulfilled, in order to increase their satisfaction and gain their loyalty.
  • Establish the mechanisms to monitor the environmental impact of our company, guaranteeing an adequate protection through pollution prevention; ensuring the use of clean technologies, minimizing the production of waste and maximizing recycling, recovery and reuse; thus trying to achieve continuous improvement in environmental quality.
  • Raise awareness and train our employees on the requirements of quality and environmental protection.
  • Ensure compliance with the Laws, Rules and Regulations applicable to our activity and any another requirement that our company may subscribe to.
  • Annually review the adequacy and effectiveness of the system and set measurable objectives and coherent with this policy, based upon our commitment of continuous improvement.
  • Obtaining it in the best conditions of efficiency and effectiveness is a prerequisite condition to ensure the continuity, enhance corporate image and increase our organization’s position in the market.

The administrator of CMN Ingeniería is responsible for ensuring that these principles are consistently present in all internal activities of the company, as well as in our relations with clients, suppliers, and society in general.