Our method

The 5 Pillars


The 5P

The new economic reality is all about uncertainty, insecurity, unpredictability and the impossibility of measuring the consequences. Leaders with the ability to manage in the midst of extremely complex situations are needed. Today more than ever, the combination of excellent formation, training in complex situations, solid experience and being surrounded by a first-rate internal and external team is essential.

The 5 Pillars Method, the 5 Ps of project management masterfully combines a set of tools and processes specially designed to help our clients.
This methodology allows us to guarantee that our technical solutions are ideal, in terms of costs, deadlines and correct execution. Each of these Pillars is aimed at minimizing risks and ensuring 100% adequate solutions for our clients.


The 5P

1. Problem

Solving the problem starts with a correct diagnosis. Failure to detect a need can put the entire project at risk: planning is essential.

2. Project

A detailed design guarantees a suitable solution. Our methodology is based on standardized project guides and verification check-lists that allow us to improve the final project for the client.

3. To plan

Correct planning helps us determine the times that will be needed to adequately resolve the need.

4. Production

A simplified, standardized, systematized and orderly production generates more agile workflows and has as a consequence assurance of the quality of the work.

5. Product (or Solution)

We focus on the project being perfectly finished, operational and legalized, and with the designed Solutions fully implemented.

They have trusted us

Waterproofing solutions

Waterproofing solutions

We repair your leak problems inside your industrial warehouse

Do not expose the stored material to deterioration, without the need to replace the deck of your establishment

Legalization of Electrical Installations

Solutions for Legalization of Electrical Installations

We legalize your electrical installation

Being Engineering and Installer, a single interlocutor, Limited investment and possibility of legalizing with few investments