About Us

CMN Ingeniería: advanced technical services for Engineering, Construction and Installations.

We offer our clients a comprehensive solution based on the design and subsequent construction of their infrastructures, with a multidisciplinary team of experts in engineering and construction. Our working method allows us to THINK about the needs and problems of our clients, CREATE suitable solutions and BUILD the infrastructures that drive the growth of our clients.

This method is the fruit of our extensive experience in managing our clients’ investments in different sectors. In the process of helping them improve their infrastructures, or solve their technical problems, we have been developing a Method to help them boost their business.

Our human team is a group of experts who will find the best solution for our clients.

The impulse of our clients has also been our impulse from the beginning. CMN began its journey as an Industrial Engineering studio in 2004, founded by its current CEO, José Julio Brossa. Engineering services were increasing rapidly, and the company even maintained a subsidiary in Ecuador for several years.

As a result of its international expansion, we discovered that customers demanded comprehensive solutions and a simplification of the interlocutors, this prompted us to create our construction area in 2014, and later in 2019 of our electrical installer. Our growth has been gradual and sustained over time, and we have been integrating more and more professionals with extensive experience into our team, and we have faced increasingly complex projects.

The people who lead our teams

Dpto de Construcción

Carlos Cabrera

Operations manager, construction department

Dpto de Ingeniería

Antonio Luque

Director, Engineering department

Director General

José Julio Brossa


Técnico Dpto de Construcción

Gerardo Cruz

Technical Director, construction department

Directora del Dpto de Administración

Laura Gutiérrez

Manager, administration department

Soluciones de impermeabilización

Waterproofing solutions

We repair water leak problems inside your industrial unit.

Do not expose stored goods to deterioration, and we do it without replacing the deck of your industrial unit

Legalización de Instalaciones Eléctricas

Solutions for Legalization of Electrical Installations

We legalize your electrical installation

We take care of engineering and installation: reducing intermediaries so the costs of the entire project go down